All About Our Computer Systems

We stock a variety of different systems, or if preferred we can tailor a custom build to meet your requirements. We can build anything from simple Media PC’s to high-end gaming systems.

We listen to your needs, and create a bespoke quote based on those needs, and also advise you if we feel you would benefit from upgrading components.

This service means that you get a unique system with the components of your choice without any of the unnecessary resource consuming add-ons you get from pre-built systems.

Alternatively, why not come into our store and use our in store PC Builder. This allows you to customise your own computer with your own specific components.

Our bespoke system’s are professionally built and tested in-house, have a clean installation of Windows installed, and are configured in relation to the required use. All of our systems come with a standard 1 Year Hardware & Labour Limited Warranty.

We also offer businesses the option of opening a 30 day account with us.

Pre-Built Instant Collection

We stock a range of Pre-Built standard desktop PC’s ideal for casual home use starting from £269.00 (Web Browsing, Emails, Word Processing Etc.)

These systems are ready to go, and require very little set-up at home to get started. Such as creating Users and Passwords, Joining a network, Installing Windows Updates. We also provide the initial set-up for a small charge, and can also transfer data from your old PC to the new one starting at just £20.00

Pre Build COmputer Systems for Sale in newton Abbot
Custom Gaming Systems

If you’re looking for a bespoke system that is able  to run all of the latest and greatest games on maximum settings, We have you covered.

Our engineers will guide you through your options and advise on any upgrades if necessary.

How about adding a water cooling system for the final touch to make it truly custom.

Call in today to speak to an engineer for pricing!

Custom Build Gaming PC's for sale in Newton Abbot South Devon
Office Desktop Systems

It’s Important to have clean, efficient, reliable, and up-to-date systems in the office to minimize any downtime and subsequently loss of income.

Whether it is used for running Sage, CAD software, Managing finances etc. or for just simply using Microsoft Office. We can provide you with either a custom build, or a business standard pre-build. Pricing varies but typically starts from £399.00

Business Office Pc for Sale in newton Abbot, Torquay, Plymouth, Exeter, South Devon
Laptop/Netbook Systems

If you’re always on the move, perhaps a Laptop is more suited to your needs. Most modern laptops are slim, lightweight, and perform well with most standard day-to-day tasks.

We stock a range of standard use laptops (normally Pentium, i3, i5) However we can also take orders for high end business or gaming laptops. (Normally delivered next day)Prices start from as little as £189.00

Laptops & Notebooks for Sale in newton Abbot, Torquay, Plymouth, Exeter, South Devon
Media Systems

Media PC’s are becoming much more common due to the low costs and small designs. These small form computers give you the ability to browse the web and stream your favourite shows on your TV, right from the comfort of your sofa.

These systems either come in pre-built, or again can be custom made to your specification.Call in today for Pricing!

Media System for Sale in Newton Abbot, South Devon

We can build a custom Windows Server to meet your business’ requirements. Whether you’re looking for a simple File Server, Exchange Server, or a Central Database, our Microsoft Trained Engineers can build, update, and fully test your server before arriving on site to install and configure it.

Pricing for our Servers is Bespoke Please contact our Engineers for a quote!

Servers for Sale in newton Abbot, Torquay, Plymouth, Exeter, South Devon
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