All About Our Computer IT Support

If you require help with your Computer but cannot bring it to the shop, we can offer remote assistance or an on-site visit.

If you require remote assistance please call our engineers on 01626 202091. If the engineer establishes that the issue can be solved remotely they will guide you through the connection.

Please note that some issues such as network connectivity, Wi-Fi problems, BIOS configurations, and issues starting up cannot be resolved using this method, and will require physical presence.

Need to join a remote support session with us? Contact our engineers to request a remote session. Our engineers will then request that you Click the linked image above to get started. on the following page you will need to enter the code provided by our engineer,

Please Note: Every connection to your computer is encrypted and secure. We do not collect and/or store any data from your device. After the session is finished, the remote Desktop Application is terminated.
Microsoft Certified Experts